Polish Christmas in July – Menu

PABF Christmas in July EventBrite-04

Na Zdrowie restaurant has selected and prepared something very special from their Christmas menu in the finger food size.

Swiateczny barszcz – Christmas Eve borsch

Krokiet – Cabbage with mushrooms croquettes

Sledzik – Mini sandwich with herring

 Polskie pierogi –  Polish dumplings

Ser kasza gryczana (Cheese buckwheat)

Soczewica cebula (Lentils onion)

Pieczarka chrzan – Mushroom horseradish

Bigos Wigilijny na placku – Christmas Polish bigos (smoked meat and sauerkraut stew) on potato pancake

Tradycjna ryba w ciescie  – Traditional Polish breaded fish with caramelised onion

Makowiec – Christmas poppy-seed cake

Glass of Sparkling wine on arrival, glass of kompot – Christmas Eve compote

Other drinks can be purchased by guests as requested.



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