Polish Christmas in July

The Great Celebration of Polish Cuisine and our Culture

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2083

On Thursday the 4rd of July at the Na Zdrowie Restaurant in Sydney, PABF held the Polish Christmas in July to mark the great celebration of Polish cuisine and culture.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2114

With a fantastic selection of traditional polish food that warmed us up during this cold weather, Pierogi was definitely a crowd favorite.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2664

Served by the professional staff of Na Zdrowie Restaurant

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2604

We counted with distinguished guests, like the award winning Polish painter Ella Mucha

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2151

It was fantastic to catch up with so many old faces and be able to make so many new friends.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_289720180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_3025

Thank you all for attending our Polish Christmas in July.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2928

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