The Polish government is set to present an Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0 – third set of measures to fight the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis by the end of the week.

Polish entrepreneurs already have access to support programs under 3 government Shields – two versions of  Anti-Crisis Shield and one Financial Shield coordinated by the Polish Development Fund.

The purpose of the First Shield was to implement mechanisms for pay subsidies, extend or suspend some of the administrative costs, and adapt very detailed regulations to the new economic reality. The Second Shield served to develop these solutions.

The new Shield 3.0 is meant to introduce subsidies for apartment renters, special solutions for local governments and the tourism industry, as well as larger subsidies for employees’ salaries at the largest companies.

News solutions for local governments will include the poviat (district) revenue for state-owned land management being increased from 25 to 50%. Cities will be able to increase their debt this year provided the additional expenses are related to fighting the pandemic.

The Polish Tourism Organization is working on a solution to support the tourism industry, with the idea that Poles will receive special vouchers for holidays in Polish hotels to support domestic hoteliers who have been affected by the crisis.

The planned new effort includes an injection of up to PLN 900 million (EUR 198 mln) in new funds to support businesses through the state-run Industrial Development Agency.

In addition, the legislation carries a new levy on online video-on-demand operators that would benefit the Polish Film Institute, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

The Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0, now goes to the Senate, the upper house of Poland’s parliament, for further debate.

Government estimates that the total value of support offered as part of the Anti-Crisis Shields and the Financial Shield will amount to over PLN 312 billion (68 bln EUR). The Anti-Crisis Shields measure is a package of solutions prepared by the government to protect the Polish state and citizens against the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is based on five pillars: (1) Protection of jobs and employee safety, (2) Financing entrepreneurs, (3) Health care, (4) Strengthening the financial system and (5) Public investments.



Next stages of lifting coronavirus restrictions in Poland. 2nd stage announced.

Shopping malls, hotels and other accommodation facilities are now being reopened (with restrictions). Access to rehabilitation are being provided again, while working parents are able to send their children to kindergartens and nurseries (care in small groups starting from 6 May). In addition, certain cultural institutions such as libraries, museums, and art galleries are reopened.


3rd stage of lifting restrictions – dates to be decided later this month.

  • Restaurants and cafés will be allowed to serve customers on their premises (with restrictions).
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons will be reopened.
  • Care for primary school students in grade 1-3 will be provided (the maximum number of children in a classroom will be specified).


4th stage of lighting restrictions – dates to be decided later.

  • Theatres and cinemas will be reopened (with sanitary restrictions).
  • Gatherings with up to 50 people will be allowed.
  • Massage salons and indoor tanning facilities will be reopened.
  • Gyms and fitness clubs will be allowed to operate.

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