Polish Australian

Business Forum

The Polish Australian Business Forum (PABF) is a non-for-profit organisation established in 2015 to create a networking platform for Polish professionals living in Australia.

As the voice of Polish-Australian business professionals, PABF’s goal is to serve their best interests by helping influence decisions and actions, which improve the economic strength of both countries. To achieve these goals, PABF has fostered business, R&D and cultural connections between Poland and Australia and has been at the forefront of encouraging and promoting the trade and investment agenda.

The result has been the successful creation of a space for discussion and knowledge exchange for between Polish and Australian leaders to grow their businesses both in Australia and Poland.

PABF advocates its key values including transparency, corporate governance and sustainability as a competitive edge for building new business partnerships.

Our mission is to connect and empower organisations in sustainable business development between Poland and Australia by building valuable and strong connections within business communities and cultures.

Any questions? Email us at engagement@pabf.com.au

Polish Australian Business Forum Incorporated

ABN: 83 764 115 313

Address: Suite 21 / 78 Spring Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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