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The Polish Australian business forum


The Polish Australian Business Forum (PABF) was established in 2015 to create a platform for Polish professionals living in Australia. The first event took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney in June 2015 and attracted more than 70 Polish business leaders. Since then PABF has built a space for discussion and knowledge exchange between Polish and Australian leaders to grow their business in Australia.


Our mission is to connect and empower organisations in sustainable business development between Poland and Australia by building valuable and strong connections within business communities and cultures.


 Leadership:   The courage to shape a better future.

 Collaboration :   Leverage collective genius.

 Accountability :   We deliver what is promised.

 Connected:   Our Partners are our community. Our community is our family.

 Integrity :   Be yourself. Be real.

 HeritageWe bring together Polish and   Australian culture.

The Polish Australian Business Forum Board Members and Management Team

President Anna Wojt

Vice President Joanna Nelson

Secretary Tymoteusz Pielgowski

Treasurer Tomasz Murmylo

Head of Network Dominik Zielke

Head of Partnerships Philip Link

Head of Marketing Aga Szczesniak 

The Polish Australian Business Forum has presence across major cities in Australia, being represented by the following:

Sydney Headquarter

Head of Chapter: Anna Wojt


Head of Chapter: soon to be announced


Head of Chapter: soon to be announced


Head of Chapter: soon to be announced

The Polish Australian Business Forum has 10 Centres of Excellence providing our associates with business services including:

  • Events and networking
  • Information and connections
  • Publications and promotion opportunities

In PABF, we have Senior Advisers and Sector leaders in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • IT/ICT
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Finance
  • Medical equipment
  • Yachts and boats

The beauty of both countries