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The Polish Australian business forum


The Polish Australian Business Forum (PABF) was established in 2015 to create a platform for Polish professionals living in Australia. The first event took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney in June 2015 and attracted more than 70 Polish business leaders. Since then PABF has built a space for discussion and knowledge exchange between Polish and Australian leaders to grow their business in Australia.


Our mission is to connect and empower organisations in sustainable business development between Poland and Australia by building valuable and strong connections within business communities and cultures.


 Leadership:   The courage to shape a better future.

 Collaboration :   Leverage collective genius.

 Accountability :   We deliver what is promised.

 Connected:   Our Partners are our community. Our community is our family.

 Integrity :   Be yourself. Be real.

 HeritageWe bring together Polish and   Australian culture.

The Polish Australian Business Forum Board Members and Management Team

President Anna Wojt

Anna Wojt is a President of Polish Australian Business Forum (PABF) and a director at PwC Australia. Anna moved to Australia a few years ago to bring her global experience from EMEA, US to the APAC region in leading global transformation programs. As a global lead, she drives development of PwC methodologies and tools, leads PwC research and assesses global transformation trends to help businesses to drive efficiency. Her experience includes advising clients on building and leading teams around the world. She launched PABF in 2015 to help Polish and Australian businesses to meet and collaborate. She holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relationships and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).  

Vice President Tymoteusz Pieglowski

Tym is passionate about simple solutions to complex problems. He advises the public and private sector clients on transport infrastructure solutions. He is a civil engineer specialising in travel demand forecasting for highway, public transport, freight and aviation. He is currently an Associate Director of the PwC Financial Advisory team. Prior to joining PwC, Tym was the founding Director of TMK Consult providing project management, transport planning and travel demand forecasting services for the NSW Government transport infrastructure projects. He has over 14 years of experience working in Australia, the UK and Poland.

Secretary Dorota Bacal

Dorota is an expert in the field of renewable energy,  with an extensive research experience in photovoltaics. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in back-contact perovskite PV devices and she is currently working at the University of Melbourne She has collaborated, among others, with the Advanced Photovoltaics Laboratory at Monash University, CSIRO’s Flexible Electronics Laboratory, and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication. Additionally, Dorota worked with Lactalis (previously Parmalat) on energy efficiency solutions for dairy farms in Victoria (Australia). She is passionate about sustainability, decarbonization, and energy efficiency solutions. She is actively engaged in the public debate on emissions accounting and reduction. More than anything, Dorota loves learning about new technologies and talking to other passionate people.

Treasurer Tomasz Murmylo

Thomas is founder and Director of Business Tax & Money House: a boutique tax & accounting practice delivering value for business and individual clients by minimising their tax & compliance burden. Thomas has helped forming and thriving many businesses in Australia through providing them with advice on business and commercial matters. Thomas also helped few international players entering Australian market.

Thomas is a Chartered Tax Advisor, Registered Tax Agent and a Justice of the Peace.

Head of Network Dominik Zielke

Dominik is self-motivated and success-driven Business Development Manager with over 10 years career in IT and sales in multinational environment. Proven success in directing, leading and managing projects and campaigns from concept through completion. Effective at discovering new target audiences and expanding revenues.

Head of Partnerships Philip Link

Philip Link has over 15 years of experience in management consulting, advisory and assurance across vastly diverse interests within clean tech: from carbon management; energy efficiency; renewable energy and biofuels; sustainability & climate disclosure and economic & cost benefit analysis. He is currently the Managing Director of EnergyLink Services, a multidisciplinary renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy and project developer that are empowering the environment via development of solutions which are ultimately helping to transition the world to a low carbon future.

Head of Marketing & Events Aga Szczesniak 

Aga is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant and Coach with over 15 years of professional experience, which she gained while living and working in 7 countries. She helps organisations in APAC region to set up and implement marketing strategies to effectively communicate with their customers.

In 2017 she was awarded with a title of “Women’s Entrepreneurship Ambassador” for her business achievements in Asia and was invited to co-write the book titled “Business Inspirations of Polish women in the world“.  


The Polish Australian Business Forum has presence across major cities in Australia, being represented by the following:

Sydney Headquarter

Head of Chapter: Anna Wojt


Head of Chapter: Eva Hussain

Eva is a recognised leader in the fields of translations and European citizenship. She regularly presents and lectures at conferences, universities and training institutions on the topics of language services, cultural awareness and history. She is the founder of Polaron and plays an active role in the global development of the company. Some of her previous roles include management and operations of a telecommunication provider and administration of a local government’s aged and disability department. Over the years, Eva has made a tremendous voluntary contribution to the translation and interpreting industry and the Polish and Jewish community globally.


Head of Chapter: Peter Kasprzak

Peter is a co-founder and CEO of Innovate Australia. He is also a co-founder, director, and the immediate past president of Hydrogen Society of Australia. Peter has been a director of a range of companies, from geophysics to manufacturing electric vehicle charging stations. He is a passionate promoter of zero-emission transport and headed a bid group to create the Sustainable Electric Transport Cooperative Research Centre. He also worked in various roles with Mission Australia as well as the Department of the Premier and Cabinet with the WA State Government Graffiti Program and is a past president of the Inventors Association of Australia.



Head of Chapter: soon to be announced

The Polish Australian Business Forum has over 10 Industrial Areas of Interest, providing our associates with business services including:

  • Events and networking
  • Information and connections
  • Publications and promotion opportunities

In PABF, can hep you navigate through the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • IT/ICT
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Finance
  • Medical equipment
  • Yachts and boats

The beauty of both countries