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Arc Renewable Group

Our vision is to educate and empower our clients by bringing them into the innovative world of embedded networks. We strive to inspire and lead this change in order to achieve more efficient, sustainable and future-proof outcomes for both developers and residents alike.

Atlas Renewables

Atlas Renewables is a service aggregator investing in and partnering with innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency space.  

Autcome Partners

AUTCOME PARTNERS offers a broad range of business services related to entering and developing business in Australia. Our expertise is based on strong background in Business-to-Business and Business Development.
We have extensive experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical but we successfully conduct projects also in other industries. The detailed scope and method of service is always adapted to the client’s needs.

BeCREO Technologies

BeCREO Technologies is a Polish EdTech Company established in 2018 by the creators and developers of Scottie Go! and BECREO kit, with a mission to develop innovative, intuitive, and
intelligent educational solutions for coding and mechatronics.


Codahead is a software and hardware development company.
We design, build and maintain custom software, Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (ML) and blockchain products.


Founded in 1991 Comarch is a Polish software and IT services company that has achieved enormous success in several fields such as telecommunications, finance, retail, healthcare and IoT. With 6500 employees, global experience and an Australian presence Comarch is here to support all Australian businesses with modernizing their IT landscapes.

EnergyLink Services

EnergyLink Services is a multi-disciplinary, specialist, renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy and project developer. We have demonstrated experience providing advisory and assurance services to corporations and government across energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability. 

Executive Services eOskar

With 15 years of expertise in M&A and multinational projects we can guide your business growth through acquisitions, international expansion or raising finance. When you decide to change your business focus, we can help you sell your business. Plan your future with confidence.


Our mission is helping startups and existing companies in building elastic and scalable Internet technologies. We build web & mobile applications using the latest and greatest technologies. We help you choose the right tools to solve your problem and deliver the final solution on time and within budget.

Hicron Australia

Hicron match our client’s aims and priorities best. Among others: IT and business strategy, development plans, cost and time of implementation. Clients who demand more of their ERP system can choose one of our reliable Hicron Lab’s products and solutions.

MIM Solutions

MIM Solutions – We specialize in solving difficult machine learning problems. In particular, we create: RECOMMENDATION SYSTEMS, PREDICTION SYSTEMS and BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION. We are responsible for the full service of the system – from the ideating stage, through finding a solution and comprehensive implementation.


PAGEN is one of the leading polish producers of window, doors, garage gates and shutters. Our PVC and aluminium products are valued in Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain and even in Australia, USA and Canada. The development of our own network of showrooms and international activity, contributes to strengthening the position of the polish branch of window and door joinery, which is a leader of export in Europe.

Pink Flamingo Co.

Pink Flamingo is a boutique Growth Focused Digital Marketing Agency. From multinationals to small business, we’re personable & boutique in our approach. We combine creative with media and technology to drive scalable and sustainable growth for your brand.

Scottie Go!

Scottie Go! is a hybrid solution to teach programming: a set of cardboard blocks – the building blocks of every code composed within the game – and a software application that scans the tiles to move the characters in the game. It works also online!

Sip Spirits

Sip Spirits focuses on introducing unique and exceptional brands to the hospitality and liquor market in Australia. Sip explores the world, to hunt down the best independent producers and bring their products to those who appreciate quality, are not afraid to innovate and challenge themselves. We go directly to the source to support small boutique producers and guarantee to deliver the best beverage made with passion, made for you.

Soligrano Sp. Z.o.o. Sp. K

Soligrano – producer of puffed grains, cereals and muesli, as well as variety of products made of grains, such as Vege burgers, pancakes, soups, Veggie ready meals, and more. Products available in Organic and conventional version, in retail packaging and bulks.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is a Polish government agency which promotes Poland as an attractive destination for foreign investment