Halo! Australia – Two of our PABF representatives will speak at “The 60 Million Congress – Global Polonia Summit” this Thursday!

“The 60 Million Congress – Global Polonia Summit is an event where, through strengthening Polonia ties, we build international business relations corresponding with trends of the 21 Century. Defining opportunities for future development and strengthening cooperation of 60 million Poles living around the world to guarantee the growth of a global network of business contacts based on Polonia values, traditions, and knowledge are the main goals of the event.”


In this year edition, two of our PABF representatives – dr Anna Wojt, Director, Global SSO Chief of Staff at PwC and Ms Aga Szczesniak, Marketing & Solution Wizard, Disruptor and Innovator, will be sharing their thoughts and experience on “Resilience and Agility in Challenging Times”.

Among the other panellist we will also see:

Ms Monika Konczyk – Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Australia

Ms Lucyna Dymorz-Bak – Educator, Polonia Community Leader and Interpreter

Ms Monika Paszkiewicz Furman – Barrister at Victorian Bar and Director at Polish Festival at Federation Square

Dr Betina Szkudlarek – Professor at University of Sydney Business School

The discussion will be moderated by Ms Eva Hussain – Director at Polaron.

The conference will be held online and the participation is free of charge.

Join our representatives this Thursday, 14th of May, 2020 at 14:00-15:30 UTC+02 / 22:00-23:30 UTC+10 (Sydney Time)


For more information about the event, please check:

About the event: https://60mln.pl/

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/260595512013437/

Date:  Thursday, 14th of May, 2020

Time: 14:00-15:30 UTC+02 / 10:00-11:30pm UTC+10 (Sydney Time)

Venue: online / zoom platform

The Polish government is set to present an Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0 – third set of measures to fight the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis by the end of the week.

Polish entrepreneurs already have access to support programs under 3 government Shields – two versions of  Anti-Crisis Shield and one Financial Shield coordinated by the Polish Development Fund.

The purpose of the First Shield was to implement mechanisms for pay subsidies, extend or suspend some of the administrative costs, and adapt very detailed regulations to the new economic reality. The Second Shield served to develop these solutions.

The new Shield 3.0 is meant to introduce subsidies for apartment renters, special solutions for local governments and the tourism industry, as well as larger subsidies for employees’ salaries at the largest companies.

News solutions for local governments will include the poviat (district) revenue for state-owned land management being increased from 25 to 50%. Cities will be able to increase their debt this year provided the additional expenses are related to fighting the pandemic.

The Polish Tourism Organization is working on a solution to support the tourism industry, with the idea that Poles will receive special vouchers for holidays in Polish hotels to support domestic hoteliers who have been affected by the crisis.

The planned new effort includes an injection of up to PLN 900 million (EUR 198 mln) in new funds to support businesses through the state-run Industrial Development Agency.

In addition, the legislation carries a new levy on online video-on-demand operators that would benefit the Polish Film Institute, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

The Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0, now goes to the Senate, the upper house of Poland’s parliament, for further debate.

Government estimates that the total value of support offered as part of the Anti-Crisis Shields and the Financial Shield will amount to over PLN 312 billion (68 bln EUR). The Anti-Crisis Shields measure is a package of solutions prepared by the government to protect the Polish state and citizens against the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is based on five pillars: (1) Protection of jobs and employee safety, (2) Financing entrepreneurs, (3) Health care, (4) Strengthening the financial system and (5) Public investments.



Next stages of lifting coronavirus restrictions in Poland. 2nd stage announced.

Shopping malls, hotels and other accommodation facilities are now being reopened (with restrictions). Access to rehabilitation are being provided again, while working parents are able to send their children to kindergartens and nurseries (care in small groups starting from 6 May). In addition, certain cultural institutions such as libraries, museums, and art galleries are reopened.


3rd stage of lifting restrictions – dates to be decided later this month.

  • Restaurants and cafés will be allowed to serve customers on their premises (with restrictions).
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons will be reopened.
  • Care for primary school students in grade 1-3 will be provided (the maximum number of children in a classroom will be specified).


4th stage of lighting restrictions – dates to be decided later.

  • Theatres and cinemas will be reopened (with sanitary restrictions).
  • Gatherings with up to 50 people will be allowed.
  • Massage salons and indoor tanning facilities will be reopened.
  • Gyms and fitness clubs will be allowed to operate.

Poland’s „Anti-crisis shield” to help entrepreneurs and employees

Poland’s „Anti-crisis shield” to help entrepreneurs and employees

On March 31, 2020 Poland’s government has approved a package of measures in order to protect individual and company taxpayers facing administrative challenges and liquidity/cash-flow issues in the face of the COVID-19 threat. The government is providing relief in respect of social security in terms of deferments of payments for entrepreneurs and special arrangements for making arrears payments.

The government’s anti-crisis package for entrepreneurs and employees, worth approx. PLN 212 billion, i.e. nearly 10% of GDP.

The anti-crisis shield will cover 5 pillars:

  1. Employees’ safety – value of PLN 30 billion.
  2. Enterprise financing – value of PLN 74 billion.
  3. Health care – value of PLN 7.5 billion.
  4. Strengthening of the financial system – value of PLN 70.3 billion.
  5. Public investment programme  – value of PLN 30 billion.

Major activities of the anti-crisis package:


Support in the payment of remunerations to employees in companies with problems.

  • The country will cover half of the employee’s remuneration.
  • The subsidy limit will be 40% of the average remuneration in 2019.

Deferral of payment of social security contributions by 3 months.

  • Later payment of contributions can made in instalments.
  • Deferral and payment of social security contributions in instalments – free of charge.

Payment by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) of a one-time monthly benefit in the

amount of approx. PLN 2 thousand gross.

  • For persons employed under civil law contracts (order contracts, contracts of commission).
  • For self-employed persons.


Micro-loans for entrepreneurs of up to PLN 5 thousand.

Extended BGK de minimis guarantee scheme for small and medium-sized companies.

  • The collateralisation level of the loan will be increased from 60% to 80%.
  • Support in leasing for companies with problems.

The Industrial Development Agency will allocate PLN 1.7 billion for the refinancing of lease agreements of  transport companies.


Currently, the Polish govenrment is working on the updated 2.0 anti-crisis package.

Latest news on the Polish anti-crisis package avaiable at: https://www.premier.gov.pl/en/news.html

General information on COVID-19 in POLAND

General information on COVID-19 in POLAND

Where can I find the latest updates on the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland?

Visit the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) [information in Polish] and Ministry of Health (MZ) [information in Polish] websites in Polish which post information on current actions, recommendations and the sanitary-epidemiological situation. The English versions of the websites will present the most important updates.

What does epidemiological threat mean?

On 12 March 2020, epidemiological threat was announced in Poland. This is another measure taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore:

  • 19 hospitals have been transformed into isolation hospitals to accommodate those in need of medical help. There will be one additional isolation hospital set up in each voivodship, and two such hospitals in bigger regions. This kind of medical facilities will only treat people suspected of having contracted coronavirus. The goal is for beds with respirators to account for 10% of places at the converted facilities. The list of hospitals could be downloaded from the Ministry of Health website [information in Polish].
  • In accordance with the law, medical personnel may be seconded to those facilities that are vital in preventing the epidemic’s spread.
  • Other people may also be delegated to such work, if it is justified by the current needs of authorities in charge of combating the epidemic.
  • Another contemplated measure is increasing the number of laboratories which perform coronavirus testing. Right now there are such 15 labs.
  • Those ordered to remain in quarantine will also undergo diagnostic tests. At the moment several thousand testing kits are available, with new deliveries being contracted.
  • Quick screening tests will be administered if WHO recommends their use.


It also means that the Minister of Health, by way of new ordinances, may introduce:

  • temporary restrictions on specific forms of transport,
  • temporary restrictions on the trade in and use of specific items or food products,
  • temporary restrictions on the functioning of specific institutions or workplaces,
  • bans on mass events and other public assemblies,
  • obligation to perform specific sanitary procedures, if their performance is connected with the functioning of specific manufacturing, service, commercial or other facilities,
  • orders to make available properties, premises and sites as well as to provide means of transport for the purposes of anti-epidemic measures provided for in anti-epidemic action plans.
  • Before 12 March, decisions were made to call off all mass events and suspend classes at universities, nursery schools, schools and educational institutions between 12 and 25 March. It is very important not to go out (except when absolutely necessary) to reduce the risk of the virus spreading further.

​​​​​​​Where to call if I have any questions?

Ministry of Health hotline – 800 190 590 (24-hour service). Information is also available in English.


Updated statistics on Total Coronavirus Cases in Poland can be found at:





We were delighted to welcome the Polish-Australian Networking Event and Panel Discussion organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canberra, Polish Investment and Trade Agency and Polish Australian Business Forum on a discussion on the sustainability challenges for Poland and Australia, with a focus on the energy sector.

20191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_2965


20191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_2997

Moderated by Anna Wojt, PwC Director and Polish Australian Business Forum President

20191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_3238

With a distinguished panel of guests, Heather Catchpole, Director and Head of Content Refraction Media, Jakub Wilchelm, Head of Australia Trade Office, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Philip Link, Managing Director EnergyLink Services and Peter Kasprzak, CEO Innovate Australia

20191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_3305

20191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_2973-220191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_352220191122-PAIH Networking Event-IMG_2951

Polish Christmas in July

The Great Celebration of Polish Cuisine and our Culture

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2083

On Thursday the 4rd of July at the Na Zdrowie Restaurant in Sydney, PABF held the Polish Christmas in July to mark the great celebration of Polish cuisine and culture.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2114

With a fantastic selection of traditional polish food that warmed us up during this cold weather, Pierogi was definitely a crowd favorite.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2664

Served by the professional staff of Na Zdrowie Restaurant

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2604

We counted with distinguished guests, like the award winning Polish painter Ella Mucha

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2151

It was fantastic to catch up with so many old faces and be able to make so many new friends.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_289720180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_3025

Thank you all for attending our Polish Christmas in July.

20180704-PL Xmas July-IMG_2928

Polish Christmas in July – Menu

PABF Christmas in July EventBrite-04

Na Zdrowie restaurant has selected and prepared something very special from their Christmas menu in the finger food size.

Swiateczny barszcz – Christmas Eve borsch

Krokiet – Cabbage with mushrooms croquettes

Sledzik – Mini sandwich with herring

 Polskie pierogi –  Polish dumplings

Ser kasza gryczana (Cheese buckwheat)

Soczewica cebula (Lentils onion)

Pieczarka chrzan – Mushroom horseradish

Bigos Wigilijny na placku – Christmas Polish bigos (smoked meat and sauerkraut stew) on potato pancake

Tradycjna ryba w ciescie  – Traditional Polish breaded fish with caramelised onion

Makowiec – Christmas poppy-seed cake

Glass of Sparkling wine on arrival, glass of kompot – Christmas Eve compote

Other drinks can be purchased by guests as requested.



Event: Polish Christmas in July

The Great Celebration of Polish Cuisine and our Culture

With the cold weather settling in the Polish Australian Business Forum is pleased to invite you to our annual Christmas in July.
Join us for a fantastic selection of traditional polish food to warm you up during this cold weather, along with great company and entertainment. Don’t miss your chance to get to join other members of the Forum and indulge in the tastes of Poland.

Save the date – 4th July, 6:00 pm at Na Zdrowie Restaurant, Sydney.

Book your ticket trough the below link:


PABF Christmas in July-03

Polish Australian Business Perspectives

On Thursday the 1st of March at the Polish Consulate of Woollahra, PABF held the first event of 2018 to mark the opening of a new Polish trade and investment agency in Sydney.

20180301-PABF Event Mar18-IMG_7939.jpg

Titled ‘Polish Australian Business Perspectives,’ the event attracted over 100 guests of all professions and cultural backgrounds to hear from the new agency’s Managing Director, Mike Walpole-Skwarczynski, and Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Justyna Orlowska.

20180301-PABF Event Mar18-IMG_8137.jpg

After formalities, the lively crowd of guests had the opportunity to network with each other and discuss the evening’s topics over a glass of wine.

20180301-PABF Event Mar18-IMG_7834

PABF would like to specially thank Mirek Zarnowski and Antonia Kaucz of PACC, Rafal Jarosz of the Polish Embassy in Canberra, and The Hon. David Clarke MLC who attended the event as dignitaries.



Event: Polish Australian Business Perspectives

A New Foreign Trade Office of Polish Investment & Trade Agency in Sydney

Polish Australian Business Forum (Polish: Australijskie Forum Liderów Biznesu) and the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland are proud to present the next event:

Polish Australian Business Perspectives: A new Foreign Trade Office of Polish Investment & Trade Agency in Sydney

When: Thursday, 1st of March, 2018 at 7 PM

Where: Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, 10 Trelawney Street Woollahra

Our keynote speaker for the evening is Tomasz Pisula, CEO of the Polish Investment & Trade Agency who will share his expertise about a new Foreign Trade Office in Sydney – your one-stop shop for your business idea to prosper! You can read more about Mr Pisula’s background here: goo.gl/c6Q2DB

We cordially invite you to stay and enjoy the informal part of the event, which will be a great opportunity to learn more about the initiatives and meet other members of the PABF community.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

RSVP is Essential! Register your place via our Eventbrite link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.03.00 PM