"Mostly, I’m curious about life. That’s why science interests me. Science can explain pretty much everything the Royal Society’s motto is Nullius in verba, or don’t take anybody’s word for it. That’s the essence!"


CEO of Innovate Australia

Peter Kasprzak is an inspiring, Perth based innovator, strategist and a keen networker who is dedicated to building the Australian innovation ecosystem by uniting people across a broad range of industries.  

His first passion is finding environmentally friendly energy solutions, and he has broadened out to bring people together across industries such as drones, blockchain, AI, space, circular economy and green hydrogen as well as the more traditional sectors of agriculture, mining, oil and gas, defence, aged care, disability and mental health.

As the co-founder and CEO of Innovate Australia, co-founder and director of the Hydrogen Society of Australia and past president of the Inventors Association of Australia, Peter has organised over 90 events. 

He has worked across Europe, the USA, Australia in industries from automotive, energy, environmental, financial services and now predominantly in emerging technologies. 

In 2021, Peter was honoured to be chosen to be among one hundred top Australian innovators to co-author a book Australia’s Nobel Laureates State of Our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond.

  • Worked with the United Nations on an environmental program he wrote and developed on recycling for children
  • Co-founder and CEO of Innovate Australia
  • Co-founder and Director of Hydrogen Society of Australia 
  • Head of Polish Australia Business Forum – Western Australia Chapter
  • Past president of Inventors Association of Australia
  • Board Member for Lithium Valley, Sentient Hubs: Change for Good
  • Network Leader (Australia) for World Nuclear Energy Day
  • Editorial Advisor for WA Defence Review
  • Co-Convenor of Energy Innovation Network
  • Leader and advocate for Zero Emission Highway, an infrastructure for heavy transport supporting both hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.


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