SYDNEY | Go Green: Fundamentals of Climate Action in the Business Context - Q&A session (Open to All)

  • 20 Oct 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • TBC



Green, eco, sustainable... it's so confusing!

In the past few years, the world observed an enormous boom on net zero emissions targets set by governments and the private sector. Major companies around the world published detailed strategies on minimising their impact on the environment and engaged in voluntary public reporting of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Those who champion the change - lead the industry. Those who choose to stay behind - experience the scrutiny of media, investors, suppliers, clients, and broader public.

Nowadays, every working professional should have a basic understanding of the greenhouse gas emissions and know the fundamental concepts of climate action.

So, if you have you ever wondered:

  • What are the greenhouse gas emissions?
  • What does it mean to have net zero targets?
  • How to approach climate action from the business perspective?

...And what's this fuss all about? This event is for you!

The event will begin with a panel session featuring three experts: Dorota Bacal, Philip Link and George Guse who will kick-off the discussion.

The panel will be followed by Q&A time - the main part of the event, when all participants will have a chance to ask questions.

About the speakers:

Panel chair: Dorota Bacal, PhD

Dorota works as a Carbon Manager at CRC RACE for 2030. She is assisting largest Australian emitters of greenhouse gasses in reducing their emissions, identifying innovative opportunities of highest impact. She has an extensive research experience in photovoltaics. She obtained her PhD degree in back-contact perovskite PV devices at Monash University and graduated Bachelors and Masters degrees in Applied Physics Engineering. She has collaborated, among others, with the Advanced Photovoltaics Laboratory at Monash University, CSIRO’s Flexible Electronics Laboratory, and the Melbourne Centre for Nano-fabrication. She is passionate about sustainability, decarbonisation, and energy efficiency solutions. She is actively engaged in the public debate on emissions accounting and reduction.

Philip Link

Philip Link has over 15 years of experience in management consulting, advisory and assurance across vastly diverse interests within cleantech: from carbon management; energy efficiency; renewable energy and biofuels; sustainability & climate disclosure and economic & cost-benefit analysis. He is currently the Managing Director of EnergyLink Services, a multidisciplinary renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy and project developer that is empowering the environment via the development of solutions that are ultimately helping to transition the world to a low carbon future.

George Guse

George is an Australian based entrepreneur with a strong passion and over 9 years of experience in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industry both from a technical and financial perspective. George has founded and co-founded several companies since 2009 within the renewable energy sector including Tivok Australia, Tivok Energy Middle East, Arc Renewable Group and Atlas Renewables and has completed several milestone projects including Australis Largest Solar Thermal/Heat Pump hybrid commercial installation, and in 2012, Sydney CBD’s largest Solar PV installation.


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